Teenage Acne No Creams Or Medication Please

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Teenage Acne No Creams Or Medication PleaseAcne in teenagers has always been a major problem. Over 85% of adolescents develop this skin complaint which can last a few months or even years. This problem can last well in to adulthood, making the lives of many teenagers a  nightmare. The teenage years are already rife with confusion and mixed mixed emotions. Rightly or wrongly, modern society teaches children that how they look is the most important thing in their lives.

TV advertisements, soap operas and films pump out continuous images of ‘beautiful people’ with the latest fashions in clothes, hair styles, electronic games, mobile phones, music and video players. They all play on the teenage emotions by portraying teenage boy/girl relationships as a must have, where only the  beautiful, fit and handsome are able to be cool while the rest of the ‘spotty nerds’ are just there for background laughs at the expense of the cool kids.

Acne’s association with puberty and unclean skin can cause teenagers to worry how they are viewed by their peers, and nothing is more important in a teenagers mind than what other teenagers think about


Make Up Beauty Suggestions for Teenage Ladies

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Make Up Beauty Suggestions for Teenage LadiesThe initial factor that attracts teenage women apart from boys is make-up! Ladies maybe have it in their genes to be attracted to makeup. They adore to gown and really like to put on individuals seemingly unattainable agents for boys. No wonder, they are so different!

The world wide web is a massive location and you will locate beauty tips for more aged women all more than. But there are seldom excellent posts and maybe no post that delves deeply into the make-up guidelines for teenage ladies.

The Top Guidelines for Teenage Woman Make-up

Go Colorful: This is the advantage with teenage ladies. They can go vibrant and funky with out getting to entice comments such as ‘weird’ and ‘strange’. They can find the money for to experiment with a lot more colors and a lot more variations.

Hair: Due to the fact they have been endowed with a good quantity of hair, they can find the money for a wide-range of styles accessible. Verify up with your nearby salon or the world wide web to find a hairstyle that

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Cleaning Up Those Nails With a Manicure

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Cleaning Up Those Nails With a ManicureThe actual word “manicure” stems from the Latin words, “manus” and “cura” which means, “hand” and “care.” The basic type of manicure usually entails shaping of the nails, treating the cuticles, moisturizing the hands and polishing the nails. There are many other forms of manicures, along with many advantages of receiving one.

There are many benefits of a manicure. Whether your client wants to improve the look of their nails or to fix any damaged nails or cuticles, a manicure can usually fill their needs. Not only do manicures help fix many problems a client already has with his or her nails, but it can also prevent many issues that can arise, such as hang-nails, fragile nails and wrinkles in the hands and cuticles.

Every nail technician has her own personal style and way of giving a manicure. However, there are very common manicure tools that most technicians use. For example, most nail technicians use, nail clippers, brushes, buffers, cuticle pushers and clippers and usually a bowl of water to soak the hands. Other common tools a technician usually always has on


Simple tips to keep your face free from acne problems

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asgEveryone want to have a clean and healthy face. All most people actually women want to their face is beautiful and free from acne problems. The most face problems that usually happen by many people are acne and scare problems. Many things was doing to make their face free from acne and scare problems. Their use anti acne products, consumption acne medicine, and routine treatment at some beauty clinics. All of that are spend not little of money, but their stay doing that because want to make the face clean, healthy and free from acne and scare problems.  Now the development of technology, make the beauty treatment also increasing to more sophisticated. Many sophisticated tools that can using in beauty treatment. This is make people have many change when doing a beauty treatment. The beauty clinics offer many types of beauty treatment with varying prices. This is make people easily to resolve their face problems. Acne an scare problems can healing with use correct products and treatment. Using an wrong cosmetic or other face products can cause acne problems. So you must


How to get rid of stretch marks

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What are stretch marks and why do they occur?

Stretch marks (known as stria) occur when the skin has been stretched and can occur anywhere on the body but particularly around fatty tissue such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, for escorts London clients are so particular hence stretch marks can affect there business. They occur as a result of sudden growth such as during pregnancy and puberty or due to rapid weight gain. However, certain medical conditions such as Marfan Syndrome or treatments (corticosteroid can also result in the occurrence of stretch marks.

First appearing as reddish lines or streaks, stretch marks will gradually fade to a silvery white line that resembles scar tissue.

The science

The skin is made up of three layers; the deep subcutaneous layer, the middle layer of the dermis and the upper layer of the epidermis. Stretchmarks are a result of the top or top and middle layers stretching beyond its natural flexibility and causing a weakening in the collagen. This weakening causes damage which results in a scar like formation of a stretch mark.

What options are there for getting rid of stretch marks?

Whilst there are limited options available for completely eradicating stretch marks there

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Beauty Secrets For Teens Keys to Look and Feel Great by Reducing Stress

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One of the critical beauty secrets for teens to both looking feeling great is reducing stress in our lives. When we feel burdened, we look burdened. It zaps the beauty right out of us! Think about the days where you have piles of homework, your fighting with your friends, and you have dress rehearsal until 9 PM. You feel overwhelmed, burdened, and very stressed! Feel like a trip to the tropics right about now? Immediately begin to lessen your stress and look more beautiful by following these seven easy steps!

1) Carve out Time for yourself:

When we get busy and overwhelmed, often the first thing to get moved out of our schedule is that precious time for ourselves. Take 30 seconds to write down 10 things that make you happy. Now, look at your list and see if you can add at least 3 of these to your week. You may even need to schedule them ahead of time. It can be as simple as jogging, playing with your pets, shopping, talking to your friends, or taking a hot bath.

It’s important to carve out a little time each day whether its one minute,

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Makeup Tip For Teenagers

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Being in the teenage years is one of the challenging times of a person. A changing body, idealistic entanglements, a first job, driving lessons and so many other countless items only serve to make the teenage years more difficult. The following make up tips for teenagers cover a lot of problems. So, this makes up tips will help in avoiding common mistakes made by young women learning to use make up for the first time.

Makeup Tip for teenagers #1: Building a Healthy Skin

The significant pieces to the make up problem is cleansing and moisturizing skin every morning and night. Healthy skin is pretty and the healthier your skin, the better your structure will look.

Makeup Tip for teenagers #2: Covering Basic Problems

Concealer and foundation are the same offered in solid, liquid and loose mineral forms. These are used to cover the basic blemishes in the skin before applying make up. Deciding which is good depends on your skin type and personal preferences. Solid make up tends to cover up well. You must bear in mind that powder exists to ready your skin for makeup.

Makeup Tip for teenagers #3: The

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Looking Your Age With Makeup Tips For Teenagers

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If your teenage daughters have been using cosmetics, and you are afraid of the threat to their skin, there is no need to worry. Today, there are cosmetics and make ups that are specially designed to suit the skin of teenagers. As a matter of fact, cosmetics companies have come up with different make up to adapt to the needs of the teenagers. So instead of preventing them from using, it would be better to guide them and give them some tips. Here are just a few make up tips for teenagers:

1. The first makeup tips for teenagers would be that, it is important for teenagers to look more natural and use light application of makeup since their skin is very young and natural. Makeups should be used not only to further showcase their beauty and glamour. So always be soft, gentle and subtle in doing the make ups.

2. Choose colors that are closest to their natural skin tone and put some shades of color like pink, brown, gray or coral. In this way, their beauty is enhanced and livened up.

3. It is good to use a concealing pencil that would match


Teenage Girls Wearing Make Up To School

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Should teenage girls wear make up to school before age 16?

I just went over to Yahoo! Answers to play. I like to visit and see what questions interest me and answer the ones that do.

Yesterday I saw one asking for help to apply eye liner make up, a category of the board I had never ventured into and remembered how hard it was to learn how to apply eyeliner in my teen years. I wrote out an answer and just as I was ending with ‘Have fun’, there was a surge in the power and my computer went out. Lost!!!

So a bit earlier, I went back over to see if I could find the question again but couldn’t. What I did see were quite a few questions asking for help from young teenage girls or asking about what age is good to start wearing make up everyday.

My mother was strict. I couldn’t wear makeup outside of the house until I was in Grade 11. I was allowed to practice putting it on at home before that though.

In addition, most schools here in Jamaica still require uniforms. Makeup is

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How To Help Your Teenage Daughter Get Body Confident For Life

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Most of us have been teenagers, we know the ups and the downs, for some of we have happy memories, perhaps we had great skin, or at least not too many spot. We were fairly popular and we got to date the boy we were attracted to and became a woman fairly painlessly, right? If you were thinking wrong! You would be right in having a slightly more realistic view; the majority of teenage girls often struggle with the way they feel about their bodies and their image largely due to the fact they are bombarded with images on tv and the media on a daily basis of super beautiful women which they often compare themselves to and which let’s face it are not a true reflection of real beauty. Real beauty come in all shapes and sizes.

The sad fact is teenage girls are not yet women and developing a negative attitude to their bodies can lead to a destructive cycle of low self esteem and even eating disorders later on. Having devised programme’s to help develop teenage girls gain body confidence and through the role I play in advising women on how to dress

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The Skinny On Teenage Body Image and Spiritual Health

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Many young women and teenagers are placing great value on looking like the latest Cover Girl model, and placing little or no value on spiritual health. I agree, it is important to be feel good about the way we look, but I think the culture is going a bit too far. It is far more important for young girls to feel good about who they are on the inside, wouldn’t you agree.

What are we teaching our youth of today? Have we, as parents contributed to this self-indulgent need to look perfect, be thin as a rail, and wear expensive adornment to be somebody? Have we taught our children that beauty starts on the outside? Are we telling them that it is more important to “look” good rather than “be” good?

I also want women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety, not with braided hair or gold and pearls or expensive clothes, but with good deeds, appropriate for women who profess to worship God. (1 Timothy 2: 9, 10)

It is not a sin to get a nose job, and wear expensive clothing and jewelry, but as we all know, real beauty comes from


Teenage Skincare Caring For Your Oily Skin

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Your teenager years are definitely the “best of times and the worst of times.” This is because the world is opening up to you like an exciting book. Each page of your life is filled with new challenges and excitement. You are on the threshold of adulthood and sometimes it can be very confusing. At this age your skin is also undergoing changes. Hormones are kicking in and will often play havoc with your skin. The last thing you need just before you go out on that important date is to see your face erupting in ugly pimples and blotches.

Firstly do not panic! This is a normal reaction to stress and is often due to hormone changes at this age. In order to reduce these breakouts it is necessary to take special care of your skin. If you do this you will reduce immediate problems and decrease future ones. Many skin problems begin at this time of life and can cause ongoing troubles if you do not take care of them when you are a teenager.

The first thing you should do is understand what sort of skin type you have. Skin can be divided


Beauty Care Tips For Teenagers The Dos and Donts

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Being a teenager means facing many different problems, especially everything related to puberty. In this case, several of the problems are including the self-conscious problem. What does it mean? In some simple examples, we can explain this problem as the condition where most of teenagers want to be pretty much all the time. So, it is a kind of a wish to be perfect in everything. Performance is the main concern. Now, the following explanation will tell you more about the beauty care tips.

Definitely, knowing the perfect beauty care tips becomes the inevitable thing for them. You should see this condition as a normal thing, since it is a part of process. The first thing you need to know is about the way to prevent the hair breakage while you sleep. The tips can be applied for all hair types. You are recommended to wrap your hair up in silk or satin scarves. That should be done at night or sleep on silk or satin pillows.

And then, what are the other beauty care tips you must know very well? The next point you must know is about the perfect skin care tips. Sometimes, the


Basic Health and Beauty Tips For the Teenage Skin

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Skincare is very important for teenagers. It is at this stage that teens should be completely aware of how to take very good care of their skin. As much as possible a natural look is recommended. It is not advisable for teenagers to put all that make-up. Besides they won’t look their age if then put on some heavy make-up. Generally they only need light make-up and skin maintenance since they still have such sensitive skin.

It is just a must to take care of the skin since it is at this stage that most skin problems like acne, blemishes, dry skin, rash and sunburn occur. Changes in hormonal activity are very evident which can bring change to the skin, too much exposure and lack of water can create skin problems. Here are some basic things to do to keep a healthy skin.

Drink enough Water and Eat a Balance Diet

Water can help you maintain a good health. It is your best ally and helps in flushing out many toxins from poor diet, caffeinated drinks or oil and grease build up. It also helps to replace and improve health of dermal cell membranes. Too


Get Beautiful Skin Causes of Teenage Acne

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Going through your teen years can either be the time of your life or it can haunt you for quite sometime. There are many fun things that can happen to you as a teenager. However, for some people these things do not happen because they are embarrassed about their skin. Many teens suffer from horrible acne. Many parents go to the doctor to find out what causes teenage acne. They want their children to have a great time during their teen years. They want them to have social life and attend dances and other activities without embarrassing skin conditions.

Many people think that what causes teenage acne is a poor diet or being overweight. This however is not true. Having a good diet is important, however, it does not have an adverse affect on persons skin when it comes to acne. Acne is caused by dead skin and bacteria clogging a persons pores on their skin. However, if a teen washes their skin multiple times a day it can actually make the acne worse. The reason for this is that skin has to produce more oil to compensate for what has been washed away, thus giving the


Popular Beauty and Day Spa Salon Packages

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Booking your next day spa as a package comes with a number of benefits. One of the benefits is that packaged services usually last much longer than those offered individually resulting in you having extra time on your hands to get pampered. Many spa services intergrate other services. You start off with massages followed by a haircut and then finally a professional makeup session.

Spa packages come with multiple options to choose from. Although you will find some variation in options, which largely depends on the spa that you are visiting, below are a few of the spa packages you may come across when you visit a spa.

We have the girls’ day out spa packages that target a small group of women who yearn to relax, get pampered, enjoy and unwind together. Quite a number of spas are designed for group visits where you find rooms that are big enough for small groups of friends to hang out together. Some of the services offered in a girls’ day out packages includes facials, body wraps and massages.

Another common package offered in day spas is the bridal spa package. Planning a wedding is a stressful


Getting Your First Pedicure

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When I first decided that I wanted to get a pedicure I had no idea what to expect. I had never had a pedicure, and I didn’t really know what they were like or what I should bring. What I did know was that was getting a pedicure done professionally will be a much better experience than if you were to try and give a pedicure at home with a pedicure set.

When you go into the beauty salon for your pedicure, you should make sure that you bring a pair of sandals or similar shoes with you and also some entertainment. I usually bring a magazine but you might want to bring a book or newspaper. You should also probably bring with you your own nail polish so that when you want to top up your pedicure in the future you will have exactly the same colour available to you.

If you do want to try and give yourself a pedicure at home, then it is a good idea to try and find a good pedicure set.  You can find these sets all over the place, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them


Ladies Pedicure Kit

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Our body requires both internal and external care for its glowing health. Most of the people tend to forget to care for their feet. Daily foot care should be incorporated to avoid different types of medical conditions that affect the feet. Although pedicure can be done at saloons, it is quite expensive. With the availability of the ladies pedicure kit, it is quite possible to care for your foot at home. The following article describes the main components of this helpful kit.

Main Components of a Pedicure Kit

The entire process of pedicure is soothing and relaxing as it helps to elevate the mind by reducing tension. Today there are many pedicure therapy centers that treat your foot with different types of creams, lotions, oils and so forth. Some of the most important components required in a pedicure kit include the following.

Nail cutter: One of the most important equipment required in a ladies pedicure kit is the nail cutter. Nail cutters are available in different sizes to suit various requirements. Today these cutters are also available in stainless steel and plastic varieties. There are toe-nail clippers or cutters with rubber handles which prevent the


Types Of Manicures And Pedicures

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We also need to take care of our nails as much as we take care of our skin and hair. Every time you feel like pampering yourself, check out your nails if they too need a much-needed manicure or pedicure. Remember that getting a manicure and pedicure does not only mean to make it look prettier. During a manicure or pedicure, your nails are being treated so that lost supplements are replenished. When you get a foot or hand massage after a manicure or pedicure, you also make sure that your hands and feet are rejuvenated. There are 4 types of manicures and pedicures and these are the following:

1. Regular manicure and pedicure – you can call these the basic treatment. It involves soaking your hands and feet in soapy water. This process helps soften dead cells so it can easily be removed. Afterwhich, your nails will be clipped and your feet and sole will be scrubbed. The nail technician will also apply the nail polish that you like. Then, a short hand or foot massage will be performed. If you don’t like to use nail polish, you can go for a more natural look by


Pedicure for Your Feet

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Our foot carries our burden throughout the day. You can relax your feet with spa treatment. The most common treatment for feet is pedicure. Many people prefer doing it themselves at home. Pedicure is a good treatment for brittle nails and for preventing nail disorders. It actually relaxes your feet. There are various types of pedicures like the regular one which can be done at home, French pedicure, paraffin and nail spa.

Pedicure is generally done for relaxing the skin at feet and rejuvenating it. Many people like to do it on their own. It involves soaking of your feet in soap water, so that the skin becomes soft and it becomes easy to remove the dead skin. Then they do the nail clipping and filing. This helps in giving your nails proper shape. Your feet are then scrubbed with pumice stone and moisturiser is applied. Pedicure continues with massaging of your foot. The last step is application of nail paint of your choice. This is the normal method which can be carried out at home by your self.

French pedicure is the latest trend. It includes general scrubbing with pumice stone, massaging of the foot,


Tips for Healthy Nails

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A manicure is a beauty treatment for your fingernails and hands. In its simplest form a manicure involves shaping and filing of the nails followed by the application of nail polish.

Other types of manicure may include specific treatments aimed at softening the hands and stimulating nail growth.

Getting to Know Your Nails

Your nails can tell a lot about your body’s internal health. Healthy nails suggest a healthy body, while ridged; dented, unusually colored or shaped nails can be a sign of ill health.

Nails protect the sensitive skin of the fingertips and toes from injury and are made up of layers of protein called keratin.

Each nail comprises:-

o Nail plate – the visible hard portion you see

o Nail folds – the surrounding skin that frames the plate on three sides

o Nail bed – the skin beneath the nail plate

o Cuticle – the tissue that overlaps the nail plate at the base

o Matrix – the hidden area under the cuticle where growth takes place

o Lunula – the half moon shape at the base of the nail plate

Types of

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